“Well, shit. We've got marching orders, bois.”

The .win network release

SMAT has been collecting posts from the .win network of websites including the infamous, “TheDonald.win” that both Mother Jones and WaPo claim was involved in organizing the January 6th coup attempt in the United States. Mother Jones writes that TheDonald scrubbed their forum of evidence, but the records continue.

We released a static database of these .win posts to DDoSecrets for hosting. This database has also since been converted into easier to use CSV format by a member of our community.

This database includes 4.5 GB of 1.8 million entries of posts and comments from networks of .win sites, including TheDonald.win, that was critically involved in the January 6 coup attempt and various conspiracy theories. The data was gathered by the Social Media Analysis Toolkit (SMAT) and our community. The sites included are:

  • TheDonald.win (1,236,958 entries)

  • GreatAwakening.win (409,378 entries)

  • ip2always.win (45,643 entries)

  • ConsumerProduct.win (36,334 entries)

  • Conspiracy.win (25,385 entries)

  • KotakuInAction2.win (21,777 entries)

  • OmegaCanada.win (17.960 entries)

  • WeekendGunnit.win (12,266 entries)

  • GavinMcinnes.win (3,744 entries)

  • KotakuInAction.win (2,733 entries)

  • TuckerCarlson.win (1,014 entries)

However, that data is also available through our API and our interactive tools where it is being continually updated. The data being served by our API is more complete than the static database. As a result, it has over 4.4 million posts. 

We have around 61,000 posts from January 1st to January 6th, mostly coming from ‘thedonald’ and ‘thegreatawakening.’ We can find one user on January 2nd posting “Zip ties are great as handcuffs, it's what the military uses. Lightweight, small, easy to carry.” Some users admit to being present, such as ‘Daddy_Knows_Best’ who claims, “I didn’t see a single gun all day. If there were guns they were concealed and the owner was wise enough not to use it.” As well you can see users doing more mundane organizing such as related to hotels, “When I got back to the hotel there were a lot of late arrivals checking in and my hotel is fully booked.” Others such as ‘JKillen’ talking about their DC hotel experience (and cross-state travel) more aggressively, “FL Pede here in DC. I can hear Patriots downstairs outside my hotel room talking about bashing commies. Trump flags being hung in windows. DC is ours. The fire RISES.” Others such as ‘Son_Of_Honkler’ (‘honkler’ is an alt-right meme) talk about things such as planning parking for the event saying, “This is why I'm planning to find street parking / paid parking somewhere between Falls Church and Arlington. Seep in my hire car and walk in early on Jan 6. This way, I'm not forced to rely on unreliable hotel bookings or public transport that Democrats will fuck with.”

However, conversations get more violent as ‘AndyCuomoIsAMobster’ says, “Once this really kicks off, the MSM and Social Media HQs need to be the first target. Don't kill the people inside, just burn their buildings to the ground. Destroy the propaganda arm, brings you to the head of the snake.“ and ‘Sorosis’ replies, “You lost me at "don't kill the people inside". Escalation further mounts as ‘Thorbert’ writes in ‘thegreatawakening,’ “Enough of this f****t bullshit. Arrest all the mother fuckers parade them through a tribunal and kill them. All of them. Do it quick, Opps my bad, all done, oh well what are you going to do about it? Our own little Tiananmen Square. F****ts don't like it to bad, so sad.” A user named ‘anedgyteen’ writes, “I actual want to kill journalists and politicians. I don’t consider them human.” The user, ‘AUGUSTO_PINOCHET’ adds, “Journalists are cunts and I would fully support A Reporter Holocaust. Imagine producing nothing of value your whole life besides publishing gossip and lies.” As well, from January first to January 6th there are 99 posts mentioning the word “coup” including, ‘FustercluckArmy‘ who wrote, “ASAP. Asymetrically. Drop the grids. Drop the cell nets. Any outpost or personnel allied with this coup are fair game and we need to go weapons free. FUCK THESE PEOPLE.” in reference to anyone who would challenge Trump by acknowledging Biden’s victory.

In our entire collection of .win posts these are the users who have had posts with the highest number of upvotes. 

The single most upvoted comment we have in our records is this comment with 3,234 upvotes:

“Well, shit. We've got marching orders, bois.”

This comment was written by ‘MrMcGreenGenes’ on December 18th on ‘thedonald.’ December 18th was the day that the House voted to impeach Donald Trump. This spelling of “bois”, in this context, is generally understood as a reference to the “boogaloo bois” or the militia movement often seen as the armed defense wing of Trump loyalists.

We encourage researchers to use their own curiosity to follow these and other leads on this data.