SMAT and Media

SMAT was made for working with journalists!

SMAT loves working with journalists hoping to use our data or visualizations in stories. That’s why we made everything! We try to release as much content in the simplest packages as possible.

Let us help you tell your story with data! Get started with our FREE INTERACTIVE API or SOCIAL MEDIA TRENDS VISUALIZATION TOOL.

Graphic from USA Today and SMAT

SMAT works directly with journalists and media rooms. This can be seen in the following references to us (we look forward to also launching a press room OSINT training featuring guidance for SMAT APIs):

  • USA Today : “When Trump started his speech before the Capitol riot, talk on Parler turned to civil war”

  • USA Today: “How the antifa conspiracy theory traveled from the fringe to the floor of Congress”

  • Business Insider : “Amazon's decision to sever ties with Parler might not kill the controversial social media platform”

  • Business Insider: “Parler should be taken seriously as a hotbed of extremism and conspiracy theories, a new study shows”

  • MIT : “A guide to being an ethical online investigator”

  • Bellingcat : “Exposed Email Logs Show 8kun Owner in Contact With QAnon Influencers and Enthusiasts“

  • etc.

We’ve also had two scholarly articles or pre-prints released on our tools and data showing the reliability and applications of our data and tools to journalists:

If you need more data or more advanced interfaces for analysis please reach out to us at

Thanks for your interest and attention!

- SMAT Collective