New findings from Russia's Facebook
The Online Psychological War in Ukraine
Bounties, Resources, and more to come
A data-driven study of harmful content spread between and beyond fringe online platforms
Gab funding data made public by SMAT!
Overview, interesting details, and examples of our new (primarily conspiracy and hate) Telegram data.
Revelations on the Gettr platform and Guo Wengui
Making the most of SMAT's streaming public data API (Telegram, Parler, 8kun, 4chan, etc.)
BitChute knowingly and belligerently hosts white terror and public health mis- and dis-information contributing to serious risks of violence and mass…
Author and boolean searching
The .win network release
SMAT crew has been beep-beep-booping away to design and develop the new Search tool which we are now proud to unveil!