TLDR SMAT is introducing new rate limits to the public API to counter abuse. These include limits on the number of free public queries a single IP can…
SMAT's custom built link analysis tool

January 2023

A summary of anti-trans content on fringe platforms
SMAT strives to be as accessible, transparent, and open as possible in order to best support researchers working at the edge of some of the most…

November 2022

Spoiler: they love it

June 2022

New findings from Russia's Facebook

March 2022

The Online Psychological War in Ukraine
Bounties, Resources, and more to come

February 2022

BitChute knowingly and belligerently hosts white terror and public health mis- and dis-information contributing to serious risks of violence and mass…

October 2021

Author and boolean searching

September 2021

Revelations on the Gettr platform and Guo Wengui

July 2021

Gab funding data made public by SMAT!